Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Macklin's Skiing - Take 2

We took Macklin up for his second day of skiing, this time Justin and Macy got to come along. It was very short again, but fun! It is totally normal to where a huge coat and put your baby inside of it. Two heads! 

Macklin did two more runs than last time, for a total of four runs on the magic carpet. He spied a boy playing on a snow mound when we walked down from the gondola and I think that was on his mind the whole time! He was pretty pumped to play on the snow after skiing...more excited about the mound than skiing itself. We will try a few more times. 
We all went up together to BC. After Macklin finished skiing, Justin took out to get some mountain time in himself. I took both kids and gear down the mountain, on the bus, and back to our car. I felt like a super mommy but looked like a pack mule! 

Love these two! 

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