Friday, December 21, 2012


This big ole can now sits on my counter top. As of Sunday, we started to supplement Macy's diet with formula. After 8 months, she was still weighing just 13.5 pounds. She was hitting other developmental milestones but I finally decided that she was just too tiny. Yes, we have petite babies, but she was showing signs that she was needing more than I was producing in the milk department. 

I feel like maybe she was eating 12 ounces a day from me....which is minimal. At 6 months our doctor was not worried about her. All other signs pointed to the fact that she was a normal, healthy little baby girl. No worries. So, I went with that. But since then, I have wondered if I should begin supplementing. She is sleeping well. She is generally happy. She naps well. She is eating lots and lots of solids already. Thus, I didn't do the formula. 

But, this past week things were different. I had to give her a bottle of milk because we would be gone. She was super happy after that bottle and slept like a rock (she had been stirring a bit more lately). Then, on Sunday at church, I sent a bottle to the child care workers because I was not with her before hand (I got in 3 runs before church.....amazing!). The workers said that she was the happiest they have ever seen her! FYI - She has always been the needy one in child care, if she lasts the whole time. 

With both of those situations in mind, I decided that I was just being stubborn about the formula and it would be best for her. Right now, I am nursing my four normal sessions each day and following it up with formula. I kinda see it going to all formula soon, but I will last as long as I have milk coming. 

Of course I want to continue nursing as I think both of us really enjoy it, but I had to make a health decision. As I have been questioning myself this week, I noticed a difference arm was tired of holding her. Seriously! I noticed half way through the morning that my arms were tired. Last week she weighed 13.5 pounds. I weighed her tonight.....15 pounds!!!!!!! Needless to say, I made the right decision! I have a growing girl on my hands! 

Macy enjoying her bottle. 

Updated pics of our growing girl. She does look and feel different - get ready grandparents. 

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