Friday, May 3, 2013

12 Month Clothes

Macy is officially into 12 month clothes! I snapped a couple of pictures over the past couple of days of her new outfits and such. New PJs, new swimsuits (well, no longer altered suits), and new spring dresses! It has taken me two days to switch out the clothes (get out all of the bins, put away, reorganize, sort through the new sizes, choose what she needs, give away the things that we don't need, etc). I think it will still take tomorrow to finish putting things back into drawers and such. We were blessed to have been given a couple of bags of hand-me downs. I am always surprised at how excited I am to have a new batch of clothes for Macy. I forget outfits that I was excited about when we were given them at baby showers and holidays. I can remember thinking "It will be forever before she can wear this!" Well, that "forever" year just flew by and new I have a one-year old! 

 Random fact of the day - Macklin loves hot dogs! He seriously ate four for lunch today. Not exactly health food so it's a good thing we only eat them like once every two weeks or so.

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