Monday, May 20, 2013

Grandma & Aunt Beth's Visit

Grandma and her sister Beth came for a visit last week. They were such a blessing to us the entire time that they were here. From the first afternoon they arrived, they helped me prepare for the kids birthday party the next day. I am not sure how I would have accomplished my goals without them. They let me tell them what to do for a full 24 hours and helped us pull off a wonderful party (see party here). Then, when I took off on my overnight track trip, they watched the kids for us so that Justin didn't have to take a day off of work. We also were able to see some Colorado sites with them and enjoy having them here. Please come back again soon! Here are the highlights...(Kathy, let me know if you want me to email any of these).

Picnic and Hike in Glenwood Canyon


Playing at Home
Kathy and Beth were able to play at home with the kids (post birthday party). They got to see Macy paint for one of the first times and Macklin coveredhis entire hand! They enjoyed the sand box and eating lunch on the porch! 

Celebrating Mother's Day Together 
Justin made a yummy breakfast for all the three moms in the house. After church, we headed out for another hike in the Sylvan Lake area of Eagle.

Macklin on the move!


Family Shots

Chaco Family (Grandma has Chaco's too but she took the pic for us, should have had 4 of us)

We live in a beautiful place! 

Silly boy! 

Warrior Paint

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