Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Graduation 2013

Graduation was another big one this year for me on Saturday. I had a sweet group of Young Life girls (above) end their high school career as well as some incredible cross country runners (three of which below). Each year, I feel like God has blessed me with young hearts to love, teach, and coach. I often feel that I will be lost the following fall without them. But, God has a way of renewing each season with its own challenges and new personalities. I guess it is part of high school ministry. The seasons are sweet and often fast. Praise God for this incredibly talented group of ladies and I pray that God uses them all over the country next year! 

After graduation on Saturday morning (which included a flash mob by the way!), we spent the next three days at graduation parties for students and athletes. It is a bit harder to do wtih two kids, but they were troopers. Macklin started asking, "Are we going to another party?" every time that we left one. I did find the perfect gift from a poor teacher to MANY seniors....I made up a Mad Lib-type letter to their parents. So, after a week of college, they fill it in and send it home to their parents. Kinda random, awkward and funny all at the same time. The kids seemed to like it. I think it will be a keeper for years to come! 33 gifts in one weekend in not affordable for anyone :)

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