Sunday, May 19, 2013

Track Visitors - Papa and the Rowlands

Papa came for a visit! While my dad was in Denver for a meeting, it was so fun to realize that it overlapped with the state track meet. So, on Friday, my dad was at the meet watching my team compete and hanging out with Macklin and Macy. We made the most of our time together, playing in the nearby creek, playing at the park, showing off Macklin's Strider bike skills, and just hanging with Papa! Thanks so much for coming to the meet dad! It was surreal to have you there! 


My dear friends Doug and Kristin Rowland came to visit me at the track meet as well! They were in town from Iowa for a visit and I was so blessed that they made time to come see me. They have a sweet 2 year old named Zander and are 35 weeks prego with baby #2. Both went to IWU and were great Christian friends all through college as we loved on our friends through DRL (our student-led campus ministry). They really gave me a sweet picture of fellowship. He is now a pastor with Harvest Bible Chapel in Iowa. Love these guys! 

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