Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alphabet or Colors?

Macklin and I were drawing with chalk outside when I thought to make something I read about in a magazine. We made "parking spot" for his cars with the alphabet in them. Macklin and I were working on his alphabet hard core for like a week. And then, he realized I was trying to get him to sit down and learn something, and then he was totally uninterested. So, I gave it a break as to not force the issue. He is a pro at recognizing "A", and that is about it. I have been trying to incorporate the letters into anything possible in hopes that he will just start catching on. This parking spot lesson was going great until he tuned me out, matched up all of the cars with the proper color space, and then ran off to the swings. He is one funny dude. At least he knows his colors! 

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