Monday, April 29, 2013

Macklin's 1st Stiches

Macklin reached another first last week - his first set of stitches. I say first as I know there will be more in his lifetime, as hard as he plays. While I was cleaning up from our MOPS Tea, he was playing on the stage (carpet preaching stage with wood edging). He just rolled right into the corner of the stage. At first I didn't think it was that bad, but then I noticed it was quite the split. We took him to our family doc in Eagle and the practice stitched him right up. They said he was the "best 3 year old we have ever had."

Proud little guy 

Now, that "best 3 year old" was far from it when it came to taking them out. I thought that I could do it myself (which I could have if he would have sit still), but I was wrong. Macklin wanted nothing to do with sitting still and we got in our biggest fight to date. We took time to cool off and decided to make the appointment to take him in. It took myself, a nurse, and the PA working on him to hold him down long enough to get them out. He actually bled a bit because I think the PA niked him as he fought so much. But, they are out and that is what matters. (Do you since his seriousness in this photo?)

Now he is looking good! It has healed nicely and now we just have to keep it out of the sun for a bit longer. Macklin is a tough one! 

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