Monday, January 23, 2012

29 Week Ultrasound

These pictures are not quite as good as the 19 week batch, but it is because Baby Cheese is taking up so much more room in my belly! At 19 weeks, she was 11oz. Now she is 2lb and 14oz! Everything looked good today as far as the choroid plexus cysts (you can read about this condition here). Macklin also showed signs of CPC but we never did a follow up ultrasound. Our doctor recommended that we go back in this time (I think the news last time just never got to our doc....weird but I think that is what happened). This morning we went in for our follow up appointment and the cysts on one side of the brain were totally gone and on the other side they had shrunk dramatically. So the conclusion is - nothing alarming and our baby is developing just perfectly!

We praise God for the healthy development of our baby girl and look forward to her arrival in just 11 weeks!

Her tongue and lower jaw area are the bright white in the picture.

She is looking right at you here.

Her hands are up by her face in this one.

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