Monday, January 16, 2012

Zoo & Dinner

Today was another day of fun...this time with Justin's family!

We headed over to Grandmas house in the morning for breakfast and a little play before heading out to the St. Louis Zoo (still one of the best things about STL). We were able to stop by the Olivastros to say hey on the way and play with Luca a bit. Once we got to the Zoo, it was so much fun until we left. Since today was MLK Day and 59 degrees in STL, the Zoo was a happening place to be. We hit everything except the elephant area and Macklin loved every minute. He did great with Grandma and mixed his time between running and riding in the stroller. Thanks to Grandma for a great day together!

Look who we ran into at the Zoo.....

After a long nap for both of us, Grandpa and Mema came into town to take us to dinner! We got to shoot some hoops in the driveway before heading out. Macklin did well at dinner and the Ipad is becoming a necessity for restuarant nights. It just helps so much and makes everything some much more carefree. Now, to get him to eat his dinner before wanting to mess with the Ipad.....Thanks Don and Kathy for coming into town to see us and spend time with Macklin!

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