Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bloomington Day

We made the long haul to Bloomington, IL yesterday to see my college buddies and some Spragues. We left around 8:15-ish and rolled into town around 11:30 after making one stop just before arriving. I think trying to entertain a 21-month-old for 3 hours is more dangerous than texting while driving, but it worked out ok, thank you Jesus! Macklin actually did really well back there by himself.

We made it over to Laine and Van's house for some lunch with Katie and Mike (and Milly, their Weaton Terrier). It was such a blast to catch up with them. I cherish their friendships so much that I would make this trip in a heartbeat every time I came to St. Louis if it was possible. After lunch we headed over to the IWU indoor track meet that was taking place. It was really weird to be there and not competing. I don't think I have ever been back as an alum in the six years since graduation (have I really been out of college that long???). It was just strange because it seemed as though everything was the same, except that I was there with a prego belly and my almost 2-year-old and was not racing. I just felt like I never thought that stage of my life would come...but clearly it has! We got to see Coach Shu, Coach Huff, and a few other alums that came to hang (thank you Rachel and Kristy for coming to the meet to see me!). It was a blast and super fun to see the team doing so well (they seemed like a small army in there). It was kinda fun to see my steeplechase record still on the boards in the gym. It is one of the older records on the boards as the team has been rocking the D3 world of T&F pretty much every year since we left (3 national titles and a few more top 4 finishes).

After a day with IWU friends, we headed over to my cousin Jenn's house to have dinner and visit with her, her husband, her cute pup Mac, her dad Mark and stepmom Laurie. It was awesome to catch up and hang out with all of them. They are beginning their time as foster parents as they just completed the course and are awaiting their first child placement. I think that is just so incredible to put yourself out there like that for a kid! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

After dinner we finally headed back to St. Louis. It was a tiring drive, but we made it back by 10:30pm and went to bed shortly after!

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