Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy Sunday in STL

We had a great day today in St. Louis. Here was the first 5 minutes of Macklin's day....

We headed off to church after our morning jump session. Mom and dad told me their early service was different from the regular service (kinda shorten version), but they didn't really tell me there were no kids there! They did not have a nursery going, so Macklin got to sit in church with us! Good thing it was only like 45 minutes and they did have sweet bags for little kids to take into church with all kinds of quite toys in them. He did excellent, only making noise one time as he roared like a lion in the middle of a congressional prayer (oops).

After lunch, Macklin went home to play while I ran to Target and JoAnn's (to start looking for fabrics for the baby nook). Then, we headed out the TGIFridays for lunch with all of the Spragues. It was a fun to have the whole family out for lunch (including Molly, Jackie's niece). Macklin held up well as he colored, played with cars, and other toys. The girls brought him their old Little People Nativity scene (forgotten at Christmas time), so that was a big hit as well. Towards the end, we did bust out the Ipad so the adults could talk about Hawaii some more (I think we determined where we are staying!!!). It is amazing how an Ipad can keep four kids entertained for so long!

What it looks like for the whole fam to be at a restaurant together...
good thing we had the corner table!
Trying to take a good pic of the kids while they all looked into the sun and almost got blown away by some crazy wind!

We headed back to Mom and Dads house so Macklin could take a nap before the shower tonight. I also laid down as yesterday wore me out! We spent the evening at Emily's house for my Baby Sprinkle thrown by Emily and Justin's mom. Macklin came with my dad as soon as he woke up and did a great job helping me open the gifts. He made sure to give Baby Cheese's new "lovey" some attention so that it is well loved before she arrives. He also really liked any of the stuffed animals in the house or in the gifts! He was pretty funny!

The Baby Sprinkle Scene
(notice the awesome cake!)

The Awesome People
(notice Mack teaching Grandma how to use the Ipad!)

Macklin's Life at the Sprinkle
He got a new Mater car, built towers with Lena, was intrigued by the new dolls and babies, and still did his normal thing of swan diving on anything soft!

Fun Gifts to Show Off
Baby Cheese was given some new cloth diapers, a tutu!, a "Colorado outfit," two running outfits including the Under Armor one above, precious overalls, a flannel and skinny pants, and much more! You gotta admit that pink stuff IS cute!

It was such a blessing to be given so many cute outfits for Baby Cheese! She is almost set to go. Kathy has many friends in the neighborhood and family members that care so much about her and are willing to "sprinkle" us with that love. Thanks to everyone that came out. We are overwhelmed with your gifts!

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