Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

Macklin celebrated his second new years like any baby should.....sleeping! No waking up this year like he did last year! We hung out with the Bakers, Bangtsons, and other friends over at the Bangtsons house in Minturn. We arrived as they were finishing the homemade pasta and had a delicious dinner together. After some Pictionary (seriously haven't played that game since "Forced Family Fun" (as John would call them) nights with the Spragues as a child but it was super fun), we headed out for a midnight snowshoe (well, a walk really due to the lack of snow this season). We then busted open a homemade pinata for new years and everyone was in bed by 12:35 I think! Super fun night with some great friends!

Macklin with his buddy Trevan

Baxter was excited for 2012...can't you tell?

Getting ready for our hike!

What do ya do with a pinata after it is broken? Wear it as a hat of course!

Justin's friend from college, Jeremy, even dropped over from a family vaca in Silverthorne to say happy New Years!

Daniel trying to hit the pinata with a knife sharpener!

The cooks!

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