Monday, January 9, 2012

First Snowshoe Race of 2012

I love the Beaver Creek Snowshoe Series. Let me just count the ways...

- It is a great outlet for a runner in the winter time.
- It gives me something to stay in shape for.
- It is a great activity to try to convince my runners to join me at (glad Nikki came, got 1 at least!)
- It is a super social event (lunch and raffle after the race in the village and hanging with friends from the valley).
- Anyone can participate from beginners/walkers to racers and pros.
- BC kindly sponsors me and my entry fee!
- You can earn lots of great prizes by placing top 3 in a race ($75 to a BC Village restaurant this time for me!)
- You can win more prizes in the raffle (while I am still waiting to win a new pair of snowshoes, I did win a $50 car wash this week!)
- It takes place at the beautiful Beaver Creek Resort and the weather is normally amazing!
-I invite everyone I know to do it because I think it is so great!

So, all of that said, I had a GREAT time at the race on Sunday. Not only did my body feel good (at 27 weeks prego), but I had a blast racing with one of my runners Nikki and one of my former runners Ben. My goal was top 10. But since there is no money this year for the series in the 5k, most competitive runners jumped to the 10k, thus reducing the competitiveness of the 5k. So, I ended up on the podium in 3rd (the girl that got 5th in the series last year won the race, if that gives you an idea of the change in competition.)

I think I will keep with my goals for next month.....BC 5k Race on the 5th and Teva Winter Mountain Games 5k on February 12th! Gotta keep this baby in shape!

Ben and Nikki


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