Friday, January 13, 2012


We arrived in St. Louis safely and happily Thursday afternoon after two amazing flights! Macklin was better than could be expected on both flights, only getting antsy for the last 10 minutes of our cramped flight. Seriously, it was amazing! Lets hope he is that awesome on the way home!

Thursday we just came back to mom and dads house to eat lunch, play a bit, take a nap, and then relax here for the evening. Grandma Kathy came by for some hugs and play time before dinner and Uncle Kevin came over too! Macklin had fun playing with everyone!

Today we had a full day at Lifetime Fitness. If anyone has missed out on the experience of a Lifetime gym, I am sorry....these are the Rtiz's of all gyms. Every time I am there I swear I would become a "gym person" if I belonged to one of these! They have it all - towels, hair dryers, nice wood laced locker rooms, tons of family activities, pools, equipment galore! It is nuts, enough said. Today we took advantage of the pool and the Life Spa. We all got there early to workout by swimming some laps (my mom and I) while my dad took Mack in the pool for a swim!

Then came the pampering! We did a facial, massage, mani, and pedi all at the Life Spa! It was amazing and I definitely felt pampered and loved. Dad hung with Mack all day (they went to the library and then back home for some lunch and play time before his nap) so that mom and I could go grab some lunch and do some shopping.

It was a super fun day with the fam! We finished it off with some spagetthi and reading before Mack went to bed. Discussions of Hawaii and have continued since then and now I am ready to get ready for our big day in Bloomington tomorrow!

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