Friday, May 18, 2012

Macy Elizabeth - 1 month (updated)

A few things you should know about Macy as she hit the one month mark...which was 10 days ago...a bit late on this one...

Weight: 8.5 pounds (born at 6lb 4oz)

Length: 21 inches

Head Circumference: we will measure at the 2 month appt. 

Macy is a champ! I feel as though it was taken "less work" to sleep train Macy than it did for Macklin. I think that is just because I know what I am trying to do. The three nights were very rough in life with Macy. But, after my milk came in, she began sleeping much better at night. Since then, she has been quite the angel! By the second week, she was already skipping one feeding in a 3 hour rotation (feeding every 3 hours through the whole day). I thought it was just a fluke but then the time between feedings got longer. At about 5 weeks, she began skipping almost two feedings. Now, at nearly 6 weeks, she is sleeping from 10:30-6am! She has gone about four nights in a row now with a few random nights of good sleep before then. With the 3 hour rotation, she normally eats at 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm. Now, I am not crazy about it. We start when she wakes up and shoot for  a 3 hour cycle, those times aren't set in stone. After the 9pm feeding, it normally takes her a while to settle to go to bed for the night, hence the 10:30ish bed time. And, if that proposed schedule is pushed back and 10pm becomes the feed time, then Macy doesn't want to lay down til like 11:30 or so. I normally get to go to bed about a half hour after she does (after picking up, washing up myself and regrouping for the next day). I am very happy with Macy's schedule so far. She seems to have settled in a week or so faster than Macklin did. (I have to keep telling myself this when I am feeling tired!)

Macy does some sort of sleeping between each feeding. After the first feeding in the morning, she normally could go back to bed until the next feeding (a cherished time of sleep when I just had Macklin, now it is time to play with Macklin...darn it!). She is more awake from 9-noon. She is starting to take more of a nap between noon-3. The late afternoon normally she settles down again. Between 6-9pm is for sure her fussy time. She is just hard to calm them and of course everyone else is starting to get tired (including her big bro). I have had a couple of days when Macy sleeps soundly when Mackling is napping (1-4pm ish). I long for the days when that is the norm! 

Macy is eating well when she nurses. We are blessed to have had no nursing problems so far. She seems to nurse for far less time than Macklin did. Her total feeding time is about 20-30 minutes. She also seems way less concerned with eating. She could skip a feeding during the day and not be totally mad sometimes. It's weird. I just started pumping this week to try to start a stock-pile for coaching related needs. I hope pumping goes better this time around than it did with Mack. 

Macy is tracking a lot better. She started smiling at 4 weeks old and it is super fun to make her smile. She is noticing things around her more and more every day! She enjoys her play mat, laying on her tummy (sometimes falls asleep during tummy time!), watching her animals in her bouncer seat, being held in a wrap/Bjorn, and just being rocked.

This is a funny category, but one I felt was needed for our families far away! Macy was born with a full head of hair but not she is more like an old man with a bald top! Not sure where that hair went, but it is gone now :) We think she is getting cuter every day. She is clearly filling out more. Her head is more round. Her eyes now seem to have some purpose in them and her smile is to die for! She is still rocking the cute button nose. She has almost "shedded" her baby flaky skin. Her toes and above her eyes get kinda flaky still. The rest of her skin is pretty flawless (except I think she got hot at the track meet the other day and kinda broke out). Her eyes are still an undetermined baby gray color. And she is almost too long for her newborn clothes. 

Relationship with Mack:
Macy is beginning to notice Macklin more. She would kick when she was in my tummy when she heard Macklin laugh, and she still does this! So fun! Macklin for sure knows where Macy is! He would like to wrestle with her every hour, but we try to get that to brief hugs. We are trying to teach Macklin boundaries (you may give her toys and blankets, but we must be able to see her face...Macklin, can you see Macy's face?) but that has been a bit harder than we thought! Macklin is very helpful most of the time though. I have learned how to play and nurse at the same time. Macklin does seem to want to be carried sometimes but there really has not been much jealousy seem yet. I think he is just a normal 2 year old boy! 

Not too much in this category yet!

Macy is a very happy girl. She doesn't like to have a dirty/wet diaper. She gets upset when she is tired and we haven't swaddled her up yet. And then that sweet time of night where we are not sure what is wrong....but other than those, she is pretty darn content! 

Favorite Things:
At this point....a clean diaper and milk!
Mommy's favorite things - Boppy pillow and nursing tanks...oh and sleep!

Mommy Update:
I have my 6 week check up next week. I am feeling good. I feel like my belly is much flabby-er than the first go around. I waited to run until 6 weeks after Mack, but tried to go for a couple of runs already - very painful and out of shape feeling! I can fit into my old jeans (at 3.5 weeks post baby) but still squeezing in. Gotta remind myself that getting my old body back takes a while. I for sure feel extra tired at the end of the day after chasing around two kiddos, but I am super grateful for the sleep I am getting. 

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