Monday, May 14, 2012


"As moms, we have little people literally hanging on us all day. We sleep with kids, nurse kids, strap kids to our chests in kangaroo-like carriers. We cannot leave the house, the care, the restroom without them. We are never physically alone and yet our souls starve for connection." - Tracy Bianchi, MOPS Connection Emails

The quote above is so true. I was thinking about this on Mother's Day. I was thinking that there are probably a ton of moms out there that don't feel connected to other women, especially other moms. I have been blessed to find MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers...or any kid younger than kindergarden). MOPS is something that I desperately needed as a new mom. I needed to find other moms that understood what I was feeling. I needed to know that I wasn't alone in this stay-at-home mom journey. God wants us to be in fellowship and have community in our lives. MOPS has helped me do just this. 

The pictures above are from our recent Tea and Testimony. MOPS is a ministry in disguise. The primary focus is to provide support to moms and help women become better moms and wives. But, while we don't share the gospel each week, it is hosted by a church (Calvary Chapel Vail Valley) and Jesus is our rock and foundation. The Tea is a fantastic opportunity for the group leaders (me) to share our life story and how we came to have a relationship in Jesus. We really do have a tea party (the ladies did a great job with the place settings and food) and share with our groups. It was a great day and a wonderful celebration of the connections that we have made as a table group this school year. 

Thank you Jesus for other mommies to share life with! 

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