Sunday, May 13, 2012

iPhone Video Updates

I finally figured out some things on my iPhone (not that it took that long, just that I finally got around to it). I am now uploading my videos straight to YouTube from my iPhone, which doesn't take very long at all. I cleaned up my YouTube account (now called ColoradoBrandts) and now I am ready to roll. Then I can put them right into my blog with no additional uploading time. Also, I downloaded the BlogPress app so that I can update this blog right from my phone. It doesn't come out looking exactly how I want it (more spacing than I would like and such), but it is definitely a start! I can always go back and edit them later. I think this will help me update family on the little things about the kids, which is what I want to do anyways! 

Here are a couple of playful videos of Mack on a lazy Saturday.  

Since I got my iPhone, I have not updated any videos because it was taking forever. I have now gone back and put in some fun videos where I wanted to months ago. Readers can click through below or you could go right to our YouTube account and look at them all in one place. Mostly just everyday videos of Macklin doing fun things. 

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