Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Biggest Snow of the Season

The biggest snow storm of the season took place the day Vail was closing. We enjoyed the last day at Vail on Sunday with 13 new inches of snow (first time all season that the mountains reported more than a foot in one day). Gypsum, however, didn't get more than a dusting. All of that changed when we woke up Monday morning. We had about 4 inches on the ground at 6am and then it kept coming. By noon, we had about 14 inches! It continued to snow until 6pm but it didn't accumulate much as the temperature had risen. 

We didn't waste a beat. I enjoyed watching the snow fall inside a coffee shop as I did some budgeting (without babies). The picture above is after 2 hours inside! Then, before nap time, Macklin and I made his first snow cave. He totally loved it and was actually engaged in the building process the whole time. 

After naps, we headed up to Cottonwood Pass Rd to snowshoe and cross country ski (which I still am horrible at) with the kids in the Chariot. Even though it is spring break, bring on the snow! 

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