Friday, April 12, 2013

Date with Macklin

My dear friend Alana took Macy this morning so that I could spend some time with Macklin. I had high hopes of my boy turning into a championship skier during his final day on the mountain. While that was far from what actually happened, we still had a great morning together. We did a couple of errands together and then headed up to BC for Mack's 5th day on skis. It has been almost two months since we went last and it showed a bit. He was a little more uncomfortable than I was expecting. We did one run on the magic carpet and then took off down the mountain. I brought the "leash" this time in hopes that with me skiing along, he would be totally cursing! Well, instead of speeding down the mountain, my little man though it was funny to fall not funny. We made it to the bottom (barely) and then called it quits. Instead of another run, we made a snowman! And then we got a doughnut at Northside Cafe on the way home. Anything that ends in a doughnut is a perfect day for Macklin! 

Big shout out to the Brummers for letting us use their ski gear this season! We really appreciated it! 

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