Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Macklin's Sayings

Macklin has been saying some funny things these days that I just have to record. Here are a few of them:

We hear Macy wake up in her crib. 
Macklin: "I will get her Mommy. You don't come."
While he is in there, I am watching and listening on the video monitor. 
Macklin: "Macy, I love you so much. I love you Macy."
Macklin: "Macy, want to snuggle?"
So cute! I am sure that was followed by a smack on the head, but still cute. 

After Macklin claimed that he didn't pee in his pants, I try to explain lying to him. 
Mommy: "Macklin, when you say things that are not true, that is called lying. Mommy wants to know what is really happening."
Macklin: "Lying?"
Mommy: "Yes, Macklin, lying is not good. God does not like lying."
Macklin: "ROOOOAAAARRRR! Lion's say ROOOAARRR!" 
Mommy: "No, Macklin, lying."
Macklin: "ROAR!"
You can see how well that conversation went!

When trying to put on clothes this morning...
Mommy: "Macklin, do you want to wear khakis or jeans?"
Macklin looks with puzzlement. I pull out the khakis to put on him. 
Macklin: "Mommy, I don't want to wear those!"
Mommy: "Macklin, you didn't choose, so I chose for you. What's wrong with these?"
Macklin: "They have spikes in them!"
Mommy: "What? Spikes?"
Macklin: "Cactuses have spikes. I don't want spikes in my pants."
Mommy: "Khaki is a color of pants, Macklin. Not the plant that is called a cactus! There are not spikes in these pants."
Silly boy!

While driving out of City Market yesterday...
Macklin: "Mommy, stop the car, stop the car."
Mommy: "Why, Macklin, are you OK?"
Macklin: "I have to go potty."
We pulled over in the BK parking lot. He peed on the ground. All is good. Major progress! 

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