Monday, April 15, 2013

Devil's Track

The track team has been rocking and rolling lately. I always love coaching, but coaching when your team is really competitive is awesome! Here are a few snapshots of my life as a coach. 

Distance Team
Here, one of our throwers was completing our Century Club workout. He was running his last interval (an 800) and the distance team (including me, back left) helped get him around his last 400m. He was so encouraged and running so hard that I was breathing hard afterwards. I love when my distance team steps up to cheer on their teammates.
Century Club Workout (100 Burpees, 200m run, 100 Sit Ups, 400m run, 100 Push Ups, 600m run, 100 Squats, 800m run, 100 Dips - all in 45min or less)
Our goal is to have everyone on the team complete this workout this season! 

Senior Day
Two Saturdays ago, we had our home track meet, the Eagle Valley Invitational. Our managers worked all week to make 24 posters for all of our seniors (we have about 110 on our team this season, about 15% of our school!). I was in charge of the presentation (balloons, flowers, seniors walking out and announcing them and a little something about each one). I read over the PA for about 15 straight minutes to talk about each of them. I think each of them felt celebrated, so that was worth it! 

Winning Streak
This past weekend we ran at Glenwood's Demon Invitational. It was the 5th week in a row that our boys team has won a meet! Go Devils

Drop Off Run
Last week, I dropped my kids off in Eagle and had them run back to a snow storm I might add. They rocked the 9 and 7 mile runs! I love that my runners just get the job done, even when it is tough, and they have fun with it too! 

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