Monday, April 15, 2013

Vail Closing Day 2013

 We had an unbelievable day at Vail today for closing day. We have enjoyed this tradition as often as we can since we have been in Eagle County. Closing day at Vail is characterized by ridiculous cosutmes, lots of drinks, music, and craziness to celebrate another ski season coming to a close. We particularly enjoy the costumes and end of season celebration....lots of drinks and craziness can be saved for the rest of the mountain. Nonetheless, it is always a fun day with friends. And, not just friends, but a great "date day" for the two of us. I booked a babysitter about a month ago to be sure that we could do this together! (Here was closing day 2011. No closing day in 2010 or 2012 due to sweet babies arriving.)

We broke out the MMS outfits again. MMS stands for Minturn Middle School, but each time someone asks, we just make up something different...Mighty Mighty Skiers, Mighty Mafia Skiers...whatever we come up with. Since it was so cold and powdery, we didn't get to wear the shirts except to make this pyramid! 

The snow was awesome, the shish-ka-bobs were delicious and the company was even better! Good-bye tele skis for another season. 

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