Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friends' Party Weekend

We had two friends that celebrated birthdays last weekend! 
We feel so honored to be a part of such fun events. 

Lindy turned 1 and they celebrated with a cupcake party! We had yogurt covered raisins and Goldfish in cupcake cups as appetizers. Then we had mac n cheese, hamburger pie, and pizza in muffin tins for our dinner. And the kids finished by decorating their own cupcake! And...of course, the biking family continued their trend....One year old Lindy got her own pink Strider bike! Get riding chica! 


Asher celebrated his 5th birthday by having a little bit of Jedi Training! It was a sweet Star Wars themed party. Macklin doesn't really know anything Star Wars but he sure had fun beating everyone with his "light saber." He wasn't a fan of the Jedi costume, but it was awesome nonetheless! 

This was Macklin's first party with organized party games...he was a bit unsure about pinning the saber on Yoda. 

And a random one...just showing off his cutie sweater vest from Grandma! 

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