Monday, April 29, 2013

Early Evening Play

With the change in weather (at least for a couple of days), we have been enjoying time outside as a family after I come home from practice. Today Justin was working on a new gate for the back of the house (to keep Bax in the side of the house if needed) and the kids were playing in the yard. What a blessing our yard and fence have been for us! It took a while to have grass (and it is still kinda brown) and to complete a fence to keep our babies safe. Thank you for all of the hard work from my sweet hubby! It was soooooo worth the wait! 

Notice the new spring clothes and new bow style! Her hair is holding them in! can't see it, but inside that previous mouth a 7th tooth has appeared :)

Becoming a pretty good hitter! 

Icy Pops for dessert. Macy did surprisingly well with her on her own. 

Random picture of Macklin after church on snazzy kid! 

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