Thursday, July 18, 2013

7th Anniversary

While our real anniversary was spent on a bus with 54 of our closest high school friends coming back from Young Life camp (very fitting that we would be doing something that we LOVE), we celebrated with just our family today! In the past, we have tried to have some sort of backpacking adventure with each anniversary. Unfortunately, with Justin's knee injury and our lack of overnight ability, Justin chose our date of a little road trip to Fulford. Fulford is a tiny town way outside of Eagle in the same direction as Sylvan Lake State Park. It is a beautiful area and one that we had not yet explored until today. We were curious as to what was back there! What is there, you may ask? Well, not a whole lot. There are actually more houses than I expected, ranging from super nice to small shanteys. I can't imagine living so far away from town, but Justin is convinced it would be awesome. 


7 years = 2,555 days. That is how long we have been married! How crazy is that. It is more crazy that we have been together (starting dating freshmen year of high school) for a total of 5,206 days! How has Justin put up with me for that long??? Just kidding. 
What a ride it has been! I am married to my best friend and the hottest guy in the world. It is an honor and a blessing each day. Not to say that we haven't hit hard patches, but God is so good to us and we are truly humbled to live the lives that we have between teaching, coaching, leading YL and just being together. Here the two greatest results of our love for each other....

A silly, high-energy, climbing, jumping, sword-fighting, adventurous, handsome boy named Macklin. 

And a precious, sweet, snugly, belly laughing, big brother adoring, beautiful little girl named Macy. 

And there is always our crazy pup Baxter.....
he often gets forgotten so I thought I would give him a shout out! 

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