Thursday, July 25, 2013

Traveling to STL

We were on the road and on our way to STL for our annual vacation with the Olivastros and some bonus time with our families! Here are some of the best pics from our travel days. 

We stayed in KC, MO with the sweet J.Zuke! Can't miss a chance to say hello to her! 

Then we headed to Columbia, MO (remember, we lived there for a was a blur for me) to say hello to the Bylers and grab a toddler table from them. It was so fun to be back on Mizzou's campus and see all of the new things going up. I kinda felt like I went there myself. Macklin kept saying "There's Truman! There's another Truman! There's Truman too!" Once I told him that Truman lived at Mizzou, things made a lot more sense to him!

After CO-MO, we headed south for a quick visit with Greeno. I often refer to her as "my only friend from my first year of marriage." We worked together at Jeff City HS and were both new teachers (her by default) in the same year. She has a precious little guy named Gaines and another one on the way. She is one that I wish we lived close to so that we could have play dates each day! 

After Jeff City, we headed north to see one of our favorite families of all time - the Rulo clan! Justin led YL with Tim and Ann in college and they shaped the rest of his life. They loved him and showed him what genuine friendship and fellowship looks like. Tim is a head football coach at South Calloway and they do YL in the area. They get us and we get them. We know what their life feels like and what it means to be completely involved in the life of a high school. If we lived near them, I think Justin would do whatever it takes to be on Tim's staff just so they could be near each other daily. Thanks for a great visit. 

One Braggin' Point
Look at this play house that Ann has for her son Caleb. Just toss it over your kitchen table and have hours of rainy day (or not) fun! Her sister made it and each side has a fun scene with removable pieces! This is the ultimate gift! I was so impressed and Macklin loved it. 

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