Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gypsum Daze 2013

Gypsum Daze started off with a bang this morning with a FANTASTIC showing of my runners! I have been so proud of our team this summer with the huge attendance at our local 5Ks. And, we did not disappoint - It is fun to have the best runners in the town on our team (well, almost all of them). I was honored to win the ladies side (my 4th win in a row for the past two years at the EaGyp races). Last years captains went 1-2 and then a new XC runner took third. Our FURY (workout class) trainer earned a ribbon in his age group too. Can't wait for the season to begin! 

After a quick trip home to shower and grab the kids, we headed back to the parade. Macklin is getting the hang of how to collect candy and what a parade means! 

Then it was off to the Family Fun Zone (all free - go Gypsum!). Macy entered her first bounce house and then had to be rescued by her big brother. 

Macklin waited in line 10 minutes to do this "ride." As soon as I took this pic....he was outta there! Not quite ready, but he at least got in there. 

Snow cones and watermelon make every day better! 

More rides - all free

LeAnn Rhimes was the concert of the night that we caught a bit of! Big names in a little town - that is Gypsum Daze for ya! 

During nap time, I got to have lunch with these beauties to dream about their senior year - what a great day! 

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