Thursday, July 4, 2013

Baxter's at Home Trim

We gave Baxter another home hair cut last week...but this time we had some complications. We bought our own pair of sheep shears since we had been borrowing our friends pair. This pair was much more sharp than the previous one we had used and Baxter had so much more hair than ever before. We ended up cutting him in a few places and they required stitches :( So, in avoiding a $85 grooming fee, we got a $550 vet bill! Yikes! And then we still had to take him to the groomer to get him finished off. 

I am not sure if we will try to trim him again, but I was pretty discouraged from this round of self-grooming. The real question is - if we spent the money to buy our own clippers, why didn't we buy dog clippers? This question only occurred to me after this attempt at grooming. Now I think I will try to sell the shears and buy dog clippers. Silly me. Live and learn. 

Here is Baxter's trim in photos. 

The Before & After

The Home Hair Cut - Bax Looks Awful! 

Macklin helping with the clean up. 

The final outcome of the home hair cut - not too bad, but still uneven. 

The $23 finish up work on his head and feet. 

One happy and, more importantly, clean pup! He looks like a totally new dog! 

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