Friday, July 5, 2013

My Own Money

We took Macklin to Walmart on Thursday to spend his own money!!! This is a fun new thing that we get to do with him as he begins to understand purchasing things. He has noticed that the things at the store are capable of becoming his own. He is beginning to be tired of my "Those things belong to the store" line (which, by the way, worked so well up to this point) and wanting to buy things himself. Since he doesn't get paid anything (mostly just finds money in random places and then puts it in his bank), it may be a while before he can spend it again, but he sure had fun. He bought two new monster trucks (one of which he lost in the next hour while playing on the mountain) and was delighted to open them up! It is such a joy to be able to teach Macklin new life skills at the age of 3! 

Also, we were given this giving bank from Uncle John and we love it! It has a spot for the store, church, and savings. Every time we get money, we split it up amongst the sections. It is a fantastic tool to teach Macklin. 

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