Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good Bye, Brummers!

This weekend was the last chance that we were able to hang out with our dear friends, the Brummers. It was a sad day for us as we have done life together for the past three years. I could write lots about them, but lets make a quick list of some of my favorites (memories, qualities, etc)....
-Our boys are best buds and our daughters are following suit.
-Even though they are moving, we can still visit on STL trips. 
-That the Brummers had a girl so that we could have matching families - even against their thoughts!
-Justin is good at fooseball, but Nick normally still beats him.
-My weekly pool dates with Nick and the kids
-The fact that our kids played in the same space for two years before they started playing TOGETHER
-That both of our boys love their bikes, even though Cayle is a rock star. 
-That we had boys within 6 weeks of each other and girls within 2 weeks of each other. 
-That Cayle bikes like his daddy and Mack is a fast runner like his momma.
-That me and Natalie have similar, super organized tendencies and that I can learn so much from her!
-That we all love a good BBQ and hang out.
-That we have enjoyed lots of birthday parties in the first three years of our kids lives. 
-That we were always asking what their others babies were doing so that we could make sure ours were normal. 
-That both our girls love the bows - oh wait, that is the mommas! Train them early! 

OK, I am out at the moment - Thanks for being sweet friends. We will live in blog life through each other! 

Natalie, Alana and I got pedis to send Natalie off in style! 

A good parting picture from Gypsum Daze


  1. Not sure how I missed this one, but thanks! We'll miss you guys as well, and yes I do enjoy beating up on Justin in Foos!

  2. I also missed this. Thanks for the kind words and memories :) Let's do the bragging rights game?????