Friday, July 26, 2013

Fishing and the Spragues

Friday and Saturday were spent with Mimi and Papa. With Macklin's new interest in fishing, they picked up a pole for him and planned to take him over to the local pond. Too bad it was a rainy day, but we went anyways! We did not have much luck with our bread bait, but we did meet a few guys that had clearly been there before. Macklin and Macy got a chance to see the fish up close and everyone walked away a winner! 

Fishing with Papa

Macy wants to know what is up too and Macklin helps reel in a fish! 

The Fishing Team

Dinner at Mimi and Papas with most of the Sprague clan! There is just something about being in the house that you grew up in after you have left. So peaceful and nostalgic (Instagram filters help too). 

My dad and I even got to squeeze in a workout together at Lifetime on Friday morning. He has dropped some weight (a handful of pounds in the week babysitting my kids!) and is looking as fit as I have ever seen him. He even survived my Fury workout of the day! 

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