Monday, July 29, 2013

Time with Grandpa and Mema

I realized that I forgot to post some really great pictures from our St. Louis trip. My apologizes on the delay! During our time in STL, we were actually able to see Grandpa and Mema two different times. We stopped through on the way to the Lake trip. We were able to hang out on Saturday night and all day on Sunday. Then, on the way back from the Lake, we stayed for the weekend again. 

We are so grateful that they like Baxter too. It is Bax's home away from home in Missouri. He got to spend a week getting spoiled by his Grandpa and Mema. I mean it when I say he came back to CO with more treats than we had given him in the last 6 months. It is welcomed though, as sometimes Baxter gets the short end of the stick around Gypsum. 

During our first weekend together, the kids were able to play with Grandpa's toys - both big and small. Justin's old train is quickly becoming Macklin's favorite thing there...

but, it is hard to compete with the four-wheeler! 

Sunday afternoon, we were able to go over to the White Mule Winery and enjoy a little informal Schlottach Reunion! It happen to be the fair weekend while we were in town. Most of the family was there (only a few exceptions I think) and the grandkids had a blast together. The boys played in Mema's Mule and took turns taking rides around the farm. Macy even wanted a chance! 

All of the cousins and their boys! Eric has two boys now, Cade and Rylan (middle on Mule). Martin has his son Pierce. And then of course Justin and Mack. Compare this pic to the first one we had of all three of them back in 2010 (and the first one of Pierce and Mack)! 

Family Pics

Great Grandma Schlottach with her 8 grandbabies!!!! She is one super great-grandma! 

On the tail end of our trip, we were able to see the Brandt clan! Of course, we rode Grandpa's toys again! 

We got some corn ready and ate it up! 

More great family pics (you know what pictures will be on your Christmas calendar :)


I think some of the kids favorite time with Grandpa and Mema was the time spent playing outside together. Macklin found a turtle that he was excited to show everyone. Then Justin found an unused tent in the basement that Don had won at an auction. So the boys set it up and they enjoyed playing in it. Macy loved the old wagon! Macklin also got to battle with Mema and play hide and seek! These are the moments that our kids remember and long for when they are missing you! Thank you for taking time with our kids and always making us feel at home! 

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