Monday, December 24, 2012

Welcome to MO

We had a great trip into St. Louis by way of Kansas City. It was a pleasantly uneventful trip, which we were grateful for. It was the first long car ride for Macy and she was a rock star. We had a great little visit at Jessica's house in KC and then headed to STL for the Mizzou Braggin' Rights game. This has become an annual tradition for my family as my grandpa and dad are Illini alums while my husband and brother are Mizzou alums. A little family rivarly is good for everyone! Illinois had a 9-game winning streak going on for a while, but Missouri has won the last four years...including Saturdays game. It is fun when Mizzou wins, as it causes trouble with the Illinois fans that we are surrounded by (my grandpa gets the tickets and thus we are always in the orange part of the arena...see above). But, most of all I just enjoy the time with my family. Thanks dad for helping make this possible! 

Sunday morning we were able to hang out with Grandma - having breakfast, openning an early gift, and just hanging out! So fun! Macklin got to play with the Discovery Toys Marbleworks...totally a classic toy from the 90s...he loved it! (I just realized that those toys still are selling today!) 

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