Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve with Grandpa and Mema

After a great morning with Grandma, we headed out to Grandpa's house! Christmas continued and the kids were so excited to hang out at their house. Great Grandma Schlottach came over as well as some of the other Schlottachs. We feel so spoiled by the amount of family that we have. 

I promise that Macy enjoyed Great Grandma! She just needed a little warm up time. 

Uncle Kenny was her favorite. 

One of Macklin's favorite presents....his new basketball gear! 
Macy just loved all of the paper. 

Our gifts for Grandpa and Mema. We had these made at the EVHS Woodshop. 
We had a Mizzou one made for Don's new shed. 
We had a White Mule Winery one made for Kathy to display her family's winery! 
We were really excited about them and are so pleased with how they turned out. 
Our woodshop teacher  did way more than we asked for! 

Thank you for a wonderful Christmas! 

One last thing....Justin's big gift this year was money toward his new mountain bike....check this out! 
I think it is this one. A Yeti 575. Justin's is brand new but last years model (this one below). 

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