Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Christmas Eve"

After a long day of MOPS and Justin's first game (they lost :( in Glenwood), we finally arrived home for some "Christmas Eve" festivities! I had two packages for the kids laid out (more by default as I haven't had time to the do all the gifts before tonight) for them to open tonight! They were their Christmas PJs! We are starting new traditions (as we have never really done anything at our own house since Macklin didn't really know any better) this year and I am really excited about it! Christmas Eve PJs are one of them! I have to confess that we did wrap up some PJs that Macy already had since they were Christmas-y already....she still loved to chew on them. And I got some new ones for Macklin (to be seen in tomorrows pics). We watched Frosty the Snowman before going to bed. 

Macklin helping Macy

Macy was digging the ribbon more than the gift. 

After we put the kids to bed, we finished up all of the gifts! We are doing 3 gifts for each person since Jesus got 3 gifts from the wiremen. We wrapped up my computer box for me, so Macklin could see that I got a gift too! Justin's from me are in there along with 3 for each kiddo. 

I was really excited about our wrapping jobs this year! I love the brown paper bag deal, as I have been doing this for a couple of years now. But, the photos on the packages is a fun new thing to help Macklin pick out the gifts for the correct person. I tried to pick fun or goofy pics of each person. It makes me smile at least! 

We are all ready for the kids to wake up! Can't wait! 

PS - Jesus is back under the tree for his "arrival" tomorrow....lets see if Macklin notices! 

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