Monday, December 10, 2012

Two Trees with Lights & Santa

We have two trees with lights on them now....our tree and the Gypsum tree! 

Our tree was set up last week but I realized today that I never took a picture of it. 

Macy has her first ornament on there from Mimi and Papa. 

Macklin enjoyed hanging his new candy cane ornament. He is so funny with ornaments. He stares at the tree for at least an hour every day and every time you ask him which one is his favorite, he changes his mind :) But, for the past few days, the box of crayons from Justin's childhood is winning out. 

I took the kids to the first annual Gypsum Tree Lighting last Friday night. It was a fun little event (very cold but fun) that the library hosted. They read some stories, eat cookies and drank hot coco, made some ornaments, and watched the tree light up. I would say there were like 30 families there or so, over 100 people. My favorite moment was when they lit up the tree and everyone sang Christmas carols together! Very cool. 

Santa was there too! Macy was not a fan. 

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