Monday, December 10, 2012

Playing with Big Brother

Macklin and Macy are having more and more fun together each day. Macy loves to watch Macklin run and play. Good thing, because Macklin loves an audience! Today, I stepped away to get dressed before running errands, and this is what I came back to.....

Maybe I first should have said that Macy was playing quietly on the ground when I left. Yep, Macklin had pulled her up and laid her in bed. Then he tucked her in and started snuggling with her! What a sweet boy (but, oh man, do I ever need to watch more closely as Macklin becomes daring with his adventures with Macy). 

Macklin continued to cover her and play hide and seek for another few minutes.

Tonight before bed, Macy was really enjoying watching Macklin in the bath tub. She can stand about 70% of the time when you stand her up on something. Once I got her ready to put in the bath, she wanted to stand up again. Her little naked body shows how the Brandt children are built....all torso and tiny legs thanks to their daddy. Again, Macklin loves his biggest fan! What a blessing it is to give your first child a sibling! 

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