Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Night with the Kleekamps

After a fun morning with Mimi and Papa, we headed over to Grandma's for the Kleekamp gathering. They are so sweet to wait on us to do some of the fun things. Justin's cousin Laura has two beautiful kiddos that were the other great grand babies of the family (missing sweet Reznor this time around). As soon as we got in the door, Macklin was whisked up on the stairs to get a picture with Madison and Luke. Good thing I keep my camera handy in these occasions and I sat Macy down and we started taking pictures ourselves. We are such good planners, all the kids were rocking the black and red! 

This is the best one that we could get! 


All of the grandkids with significant others and great grand babies. 

Four Generations!

The rest of the afternoon was a blast as we got to play the traditional dice game with our gift exchange.  Oh and we played a crazy round of life-size Jenga which was a ton of fun too! We got to visit with lots of the family and enjoy down time after the kids went to bed. Whew, after two very busy days, we are blessed and ready for a rest!

Another fun thing that was decided on this day....Justin will be officiating his cousin Suzanne's wedding in August! What an honor. We are super excited about this event!

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