Saturday, December 8, 2012

Macklin's First Day of Skiing

I was so excited to take Macklin skiing today for the first time! He has enjoyed the backyard skis that we have and now it was time for the real slopes. We are blessed to borrow the Brummers set up (skis, boots, helmet, and goggles) and they even babysit Macy so that I could take Macklin while Justin was coaching this morning. After connecting with the Bakers on Tuesday, we decided that we would take Macklin and Trevan together today. What a special day for them! 

Even though it took longer to get ready than I expected, we made it to the mountain at like 10am, got Macklin's pass, and met up with the Bakers. I carried everything in a pack so that Mack could just wear his shoes up. Mack liked everything from the bus ride from the parking lots, to the escalators up to the snow, and then the gondola up to the hill. 

He just jumped right in! He said his favorite part was the magic carpet. :)

So, I just held him up at the top on the rug, then we just walked him down (no ski gear for me today!). 

He did great when I let him go, but he didn't care for that too much. He liked holding my hands going down. The screaming in the video is for sure Macklin's voice! 

Mack and Trevan going for another "run."

Trevan was a great little skier and even made it down the whole bunny hill without parents. Jenn let him go up top and Tim caught him at the bottom!

Skiing buddies!

Our day ended by having some hot chocolate in the BC Club with the Bakers. he has an Epic Mix account! 
336 vertical feet! Go Mack! 

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