Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Morning with the Spragues

Merry Christmas! Christmas day for the Brandts is shared between the Spragues and the Kleekamps. We got to my parents by 9:05am, and Christmas continued!!!
Christmas at my parents just brings up so many fun memories as a child. My parents love finding just what you wanted and blessing you with it. They spoiled our kiddos (like all of the grandparents do:) and we all enjoy the whole morning. When we walk into the house, I just love the smells, food, gifts, music, and set up for Christmas that they do. Feels like home to me (clearly...I grew up with it). Thank you, mom and dad, for all that you do! 

Favorite pic of Mimi and Macy from the trip! 


Family Time


Macklin's new Lacoste shoes from Uncle Kevin
Justin's new bike gear
Dad's new books and Mom's new dishes
Macy's new toys

The Hawaii Book
I finally finished the Hawaii scrapbook that my brothers and I gifted to my parents as a thank you for the trip. It has been a small way to show them how much we appreciate the great experiences that we are blessed to have with them. It was about 57 pages to document just nine days. I am really happy with how it turned out and was proud to present it to them. They were super excited....just as I had hoped! 

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