Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Day at the Brandts

Christmas at the Brandts was so fun! 

We laid stars out from Macklin's room to the tree so that he could find baby Jesus under the tree (like the wiremen). He noticed the stars and walked to the tree, but when he saw the presents, he didn't notice the stars or baby Jesus, even though I tried really hard! 

Openning Presents! We thought Macklin did a good job here. He was paitenct and kind to Macy. It was fun to be around him. 

Macklin's Three Gifts: Curious George Box Book Set, a fish, and a train set! 

 Macklin helping Macy

Macy's Three Gifts: a pile of new books, a new Christmas dress, and a sensory book

Mommy got a new computer, surprise! 

Update - Justin got gifts too! Just realized that I didn't take any pics of him since he hadn't tried anything on during the morning! Justin got a popscile frame from Macklin and then two bike shirts and arm warmers from me. Can't forget daddy!

Enjoying our new gifts! 

Playing with Macy later in the day. Check out the Christmas PJs! 

Playing with Baxter as it began to snow! 

Watching Macklin is one of Macy's favorite thing to do.

 Baxter got a little trim last week (notice the other pics where his tail is trimmed too!).

Macy just jumping around. 

The faces of Macklin

Happy Birth Jesus!!!!!! Did you know that Jesus likes Funfetti cakes? Well, he does. Macklin made it with love. We sang happy birthday and everything! 

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