Monday, December 17, 2012

Campaigner Christmas

Sunday night we had our first Campaigner Christmas party. It was an awesome event that one of our leaders, Ms P, hosted at her home in Eagle. As we are growing, our normal Sunday night Campaigner (Young Life Bible study) has gotten smaller. This is happening because we are having numerous Campaigner groups, not just one big one. So, the purpose of this party, other than to celebrate Jesus of course, was to reunite with all of the kids that have been invovled with a study and welcome in some new freshmen (after Polar Bear-winter YL camp last month). God totally blessed the evening and it served that exact purpose. Add in a fantastic study from my husband on John 17:20-26, a visit from Santa, and a white elephant gift exchange for 33 people, and you have a successful night! We just hope and pray that these kids will learn to love God's Word and grow in their relationship with Jesus! 

The whole crew at our fancy Chrsitmas party! 

We set up a photo booth for pictures with Santa. Our friends showed us one way to get five people in one picture with Santa! 

And here's another way to do it! 

Gift exchange - A Sing-a-ma-jig!!! It was a popular gift. Many of the kids had never seen one of these. 

 The female leaders (minus our newest who couldn't come) with Santa. 
Ms P is in blue...she is awesome! 
(Justin was MIA in this shot because he had to go help some of our boys that ran off the road before the party. All were ok, but the car was a bit banged up.) 

Before the YL party, I was able to go visit with some of my favorite senior girls (and one alum!) at a Sock Exchange Party! It was super fun! Love these girls! 

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