Saturday, December 8, 2012

Computer Fixed, Blogging Conquered!

I did it! I fixed both computer problems in one day!

Problem 1 - Blogging
I read some more on how to post pics once you run out of space....start a new gmail account and then blog from there. Yes, I reserved Macklin's gmail account for 10 years down the road when he might need it. In the mean time, I am going to use up all of the Picassa space so I can continue blogging. I tried the PhotoBucket thing, but you have to load each picture individually and that was not very handy. You could also do a slideshow, but I didn't like that idea either. 

Problem 2 - My MacBookPro
I told my readers about my video card issue last week. I was going to sell the old computer, but now there is no way of that happening. I was not going to do the $400 fix. I was going to pay $105 for a guy to come get my info off of it though. Thanks to my brother Kevin and our friend from home, Marshall, I spent $21 and did everything myself! I just imported my old iPhoto library (the most precious thing to me) onto my new computer and now I am ready to start Christmas projects! Thank goodness! 

Feels good to get things rolling again after a week. I hate when the grandparents don't get to hear about the little things happening with the kids! 

PS - One of those little things....Macklin told Santa he wanted a deer for Christmas tonight....seriously? Where does that come from? 

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