Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Begins!

We had a fantastic kick start to our Christmas season last Saturday. We did breakfast with friends, our Christmas Tree Hunt, naps, and then back together for Christmas on Broadway after dinner. Justin said, "It is nice to feel normal again." (Meaning that between basketball, YL, teaching, and our own family, this was a rare moment.)

We had breakfast at the Simons and it was such a little baby party. Logan is getting big and strong as the girls are remaining tiny and petite! 

Then it was off to Yeoman Park for some tree hunting. Cutting down our tree has been a great tradition that we have yet to skip out here in Colorado. For $10 you get a tree permit to cut down one from the forest. There is one factor that makes Christmas Tree hunting more fun than normal....finding people who hunt the same way that you do! We have gone with various family and friends and each trip has a special memory. But this year, I think we found our perfect hunting buddies...the Brummers! They are picky about their tree like we are. They are out for the expereince. They want to look at different options before deciding, just like us. It was perfect! A bunch of families took off to the park together, but the Brandts and the Brummers out lasted everyone else as we found our perfect trees! 

The boys loved playing together. The girls enjoyed their rides with their moms! 

 The boys had to hitch a ride or we weren't going to make it before dark :)

Beautiful meadow that the Brummers showed us. When trees grow in sunlight, they are more well balanced...who knew! :)

Cutting it down our perfect find! 

Macklin is happy we found our tree! 

 The Brummers found a beauty too! It looks even better in their house! 

 We ended our day by gathering back at the Simons for a little pizza and then out to the Christmas parade. Macklin loves parades now so they are fun to go to. Good thing we live in a small town where there are parades for everything (4th, Gypsum Daze, Homecoming, Christmas, and I am sure I am forgetting some too!). 
Jess, Natalie, Alana, and me! 

Macy's Hat - Thanks to Joanie! 

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