Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Recently we started talking about the future of sleeping in our home. Macy is doing a great job in the "Baby Nook." Macklin loves his routine in his own room. It is our hope that they would successfully share a room together in the near future. Macy will be out of a bassinet before we know it and ready to move on to a crib. Macklin can climb out of his crib now...he just doesn't totally know it yet. 

Last weekend, Justin decided to see how things would fit in Macklin's room. We had to get a twin bed in (we are just skipping the toddler bed stage all together) while keeping the crib. All other furniture was optional based on what fit. In the future, I will pay more attention to the size of furniture that I buy (this stuff is a bit large for such a tiny room). I woke up to find that both beds fit and only the rocker had to go. It is tight, and that is an understatement, but it will work for now. 

Macklin wanted to sleep in his big boy bed on the first night! He took a nap there during the day (successfully) and then slept the whole night through. The next day was a bit different. I think he was less tired. Check out the monitor for what I found when I looked in on him while he was supposed to be sleeping for the night...remember it is totally dark in there. 

As of now, it is not a battle at all. We just ask him where he wants to sleep for the night, the big boy bed or Macy's bed. Sometimes he choses the bed, sometime the crib. Sometimes he goes to sleep in the bed and we wake up to find him in the crib. It is a transition time for sure, but it is way easier than I expected. Good thing we started early, before Macy gets in there! Not sure how we will keep him separate then! More to think about, that is for sure. 

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