Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Longmont Vacation - Day 8

The crew got packed up in good time on Friday and hit the pool for one last swim. It was so nice to have free access to a pool all week long!

Big news of the day --- Macy took her first swim today! She lasted like 10 minutes, just about the same amount of time that it took to get her lotion on :) It was a blast to get all three babies in together! 

After the pool, we headed back into Longmont to grab lunch together and then to a park to play a bit. The Olivastros flight was not until 5pm so we had some extra time to spend together. The boys played while I fed Macy and then we got to chat a bit more. After lots of hugs, we said our good byes. I took the kids home and Justin took the Olivastros to DIA. 

Thank you to the Olivastros for a wonderful week. Thanks for being great friends and loving us well. Thanks for sharing your lives with us and teaching us about how to love your kids. We truly cherish our time with you all and can't wait until Vacation 2013. We love you guys! 

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