Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodbye Dear Friends

Tomorrow, the Smileys will depart from Eagle County for good (to move back to IN).
Tomorrow, the Brandts will shed a tear as we will begin missing our dear friends.

We have been so blessed to know the Smileys over our five years at Eagle Valley. We first met them right when we moved into our 2nd Street house that we rented from ECS. They also rented an ECS house two doors down. We got to live next to each other for two years. All four of us have taught at EVHS for a time period (Sabrina taught special education and Ryan is a tech and wood shop teacher). Sabrina and I (along with Alana and Abbie and others along the way) have been apart of a small bible study together for at least the past three years. 

I especially admire Sabrina for her...
-ability to love and care for her husband in hard times
-desire to love her family
-ability to remember so much about her previous Bible teachings
-constant commitment to her relationship with God
-ability to run to God before others
-physical strength when her body is not cooperating
-determination to provide the best for her son Josiah
-bluntness and realness 
-desire to help others in need
and not to mention her great laugh and how excited her gets to open gifts and tell stories!

We will miss you sweet friends! Thank you for being a part of our lives closely for the last five we just get to be friends across the country :)

In honor of our last night together, we took lots of pictures! 

Josiah wasn't quite ready for this pic...

Now he was ready for his photo shoot!

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