Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Longmont Vaca - Day 5

Since Jarett had to head to Denver for a business meeting, the rest of us stayed in Longmont and hit up the pool. We had a chill morning together. 

After an early dinner, we headed to the University of Colorado - Boulder campus to play some wiffle ball! It was tons of fun as they have a beautiful campus and very nice fields to play in. The boys had a blast running around and I (not to brag or anything) won the homerun derby contest :)

CU and the Flatirons in the background

Macy is getting so big that we can face her out in the Bjorn now! 

Macklin loves to "show" Luca around! 

Mack's biggest jump yet! Even though the pic is blurry, you can see the seriousness on his face! 

Justin got new facial hair....Macy just keeps getting cuter! 

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