Tuesday, June 26, 2012

YL Senior Send-Off

One of the reasons I have not been up to date on blogging is that I have busy in preparation for a very special event - the Young Life Senior Send-Off. This a new event that I created for a bunch of very special girls. This group of girls are the ones that I started out with at our first Vail Valley Young Life camp trip to Frontier Ranch in 2009. These girls had just finished their freshmen year of high school at that time. Now they are going into their freshmen year in college! Craziness! I sure feel old because now I have seen a complete group go all the way through Vail Valley Young Life. Many of them went to that week of camp at Frontier, others went to camp for the first time this past summer at Castaway. One is even going one last time in a couple of weeks to Lost Canyon. These girls were great role models and each contributed in their own way. What a blessing it has been to walk through life with them over the past four years. 

The Senior Send-Off was all about CELEBRATE-ENCOURAGE-COMMISSION. I wanted to celebrate them (through a late night slip n slide party, ice cream and brownie sundaes, and the whole night out itself), encourage them (with some advice, specific verses for each girl, letters from family members and young YL girls, and special gifts and flowers), and commission them to go out and love others for Jesus (through a time of prayer and foot-washing). It was a very special night for all. I am very encouraged by them as young women.  

Brooke, Kiah, Andrea, Haley, Kendra, Molly, and Shannon
(Maddie, Madison, and Kassi couldn't make the event.)

I used Wordle for the framed word art. 
(Test it out if you haven't seen it yet. I can think of tons of ways to use this.) 
I had all the girls gifts wrapped up and ready, and then 
I placed them around the house for them to go find! 

Glow lights and a slip n slide party at 11:20pm = awesome. 
The fact that the neighbors maybe didn't enjoy it as much as we did....kinda a bummer ;)
(I will have to work on my timing a bit better if I do this in the future!)

Ice cream and a sleepover. It has been WAY TO LONG since I have done this! 
Thanks to the Dodds for allowing us to use their home while they were on vacation. 
It worked out perfectly! 

 Beautiful girls that are up for anything! 

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